Casey Quinn, PhD

HEOR & market access strategy advisor

Casey is a highly experienced health economist, specializing in survival modeling and economic evaluation, health program evaluation, drug financing, and health policy research and evaluation. He has experience as a payer decision-maker in the UK with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, the National Institute for Health Research, and the National Health Service funding committees, and in the US with New York State Medicaid.
He is our former Chief Research Officer and also a Research Adviser in the FoCUS program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology NEWDIGS, looking into financing and contracting solutions for durable and potentially curative therapies, including issues around the collection and use of real-world data to support performance-based contracting.
Casey has more than 15 years’ experience teaching economics, econometrics, health economics, and statistics in universities in Australia, the UK, and the US, which is routinely useful in communicating a range of technical concepts or analyses to a broad audience.


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