Geraldine Hall, BSc

Site Engagement Manager

Geraldine is a Site Engagement Manager at Vitaccess. 
She is responsible for the site-based components of our real-world patient-centric studies, ranging from the identification and setting up of sites to managing sites through the data collection process and study closure. She works closely with our patient-centered outcomes experts to design protocols, data collection forms, and case report forms. Geraldine further coordinates applications to ethics committees and oversees the selection of investigators and execution of contracting with sites and local R&D departments. 
Her experience prior to joining Vitaccess spans site monitoring, supporting patient recruitment at research centers, and coordinating studies at the site level. During her time in clinical research, Geraldine gained valuable experience working closely with sites and understanding the complexities involved in data management, monitoring, and the regulatory requirements constituting successful trial management. She has monitored clinical trials in the US and Canada, conducted and facilitated site start-up activities, and acted as the main remote contact with assigned clinical sites by assessing and ensuring overall integrity of study implementation and adherence to study protocols. 
Geraldine holds a BSc in Psychology from the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina, and was trained as a clinical psychologist at the Aconcagua University in Mendoza, Argentina. 
She lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, and loves drumming and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.  
Areas of expertise
Cross-sectional surveys
Literature reviews
Qualitative studies
Adherence studies
Clinical trials/studies
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