Fatemeh Amini, MScR

Associate Medical Writer

Fatemeh is an Associate Medical Writer at Vitaccess. 
She plays a key role in our digital real-world evidence studies, developing materials that range from client-facing deliverables through to content communicating the value and progress of our studies to clinical experts, patient representatives, and participants. Fatemeh works alongside the marketing and design teams to co-ordinate our social media output, and collaborates with our experts to diversify the publications that we generate: from posters and manuscripts through to gray literature. She thrives on adapting her written voice for different platforms and audiences, in order to maximize the potential of our clients’ projects and the data that we derive from them. 
Fatemeh’s experience in the life sciences industry has revolved around academic research. She has developed and conducted projects in immunology, cognitive psychology, and brain imaging, and in the process has built her skills in comprehending, researching, and communicating diverse and complex material.  
Fatemeh gained a BSc in Neuroscience at the University of Glasgow, and an MScR in Integrative Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh.     
She has lived in Scotland for the past eight years, and hasn’t been scared off by the weather yet! Aside from writing, she has a love of the visual arts, spending a blissful year sketching, printing, and weaving at a small art school in the north of Edinburgh after completing her science degrees. 


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