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Specializing in real-world primary data collection, offering you full study management

Designing and running studies that collect data directly from patients, caregivers, and clinicians

We are experts at understanding, measuring, and articulating patient experience in the real world. 

Whether that is using our interviewing skills to gain a deep understanding of what life is like for a patient living with a chronic condition, or using specialist technical knowledge to select the most appropriate patient-reported outcome instruments to be included in a questionnaire-based study – we have it covered. 

Our expertise

Our in-house digital capabilities and ePRO expertise set us apart. We can collect data from patients in a user-friendly and flexible way, with a simple online survey or linking clinical data with patient data via the Vitaccess Real™ platform.  
Our data collection methodologies are truly “real world”, with study participants able to provide data in real time, in their own home or place of their choice. 
We have varied backgrounds including in healthcare, psychology, and health economics, and we are experts in qualitative and quantitative research. We are personable, professional, and build strong working relationships – both with our clients and the patients and caregivers taking part in our studies. 

Select services

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Strategy and design of patient- and caregiver- reported studies

eCOA migration, acquisition and licensing

eCOA migration, acquisition, and licensing

COA/PRO instruments expertise: from evidence-based selection to development and validation

Qualitative data collection, including interviews and focus groups

Quantitative data collection, including cross-sectional surveys and longitudinal studies 

caregiver studies

Patient and caregiver burden studies

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Literature reviews

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Health utility and preference studies

Example data types

PCO example data types
PCO example data types

Case Studies

Measuring the burden of Covid case study
Innovative caregiver burdern study for HTA
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