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Vitaccess combines science and technology to deliver real-world research

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Science and technology to power patient-centered research

Real-world evidence

Enables fast, inclusive, global patient-centric studies powered by the Vitaccess Real™ platform

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Patient-Centered Outcomes

Helps clients understand, measure, and articulate patient experience in the real world

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Thought leadership from our industry experts

WatchOur RWE webinar

Real-world evidence (RWE) is increasingly being used in the healthcare industry. But why? Watch Mark Larkin, CEO, Akosua Ofori, Associate Consultant, and guest speaker Jeff Trotter, RWE expert, as they discuss the topic. 


“I’ve got a text!” Feedback from prospective participants on the use of SMS surveys in real-world studies

Presented at ISPOR EU 2023

“We chose a digital real-world evidence study [with Vitaccess] rather than a classical observational study, based on cost and the flexibility that this type of study brings – it allows you to have access to real-time data and helped us develop a tool that allows patients to inform their clinicians of what has happened in the last year.”

Xavier Paoli, Chief Operating Officer – Pharnext

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