Helping biopharma generate
real-world data and insights
through creative patient-centric solutions

An innovative approach to research

enables fast, inclusive, global patient-centric studies powered by the Vitaccess Real™ platform

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helps clients deliver value from patient-generated data, from protocol to publication


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brings real data to life to stimulate better insights and help patients tell their stories

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ensures culturally suitable and linguistically validated translations for global studies

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Only Vitaccess combines technology, scientific expertise, and applied patient-centricity
to generate insights and bespoke solutions

A next-gen real-world evidence platform
connecting biopharma to patients
on any device, worldwide

Remote data capture

Real-time analysis

Patient and caregiver data
to optimize your submissions

real-world evidence platform

“We chose a digital real-world evidence study [with Vitaccess] rather than a classical observational study, based on cost and the flexibility that this type of study brings – it allows you to have access to real-time data and helped us develop a tool that allows patients to inform their clinicians of what has happened in the last year.”

Xavier Paoli

Chief Commercial Officer, Pharnext

rare disease patients recruited in 3 months

Security and rigor

Working with pharmaceutical companies, patients, patient advocacy groups, and CROs, we understand that the highest level of data protection is needed to give you peace of mind for each study.


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