Future historians are likely to look back on 2022 as a year of political, economic, and climatic turbulence… as the year winds down, however, the team at Vitaccess are taking the opportunity to look back a little more fondly – at the past, present, and future of real-world evidence, and at the collaborations and achievements that we are so proud of and grateful for.

How has real-world evidence progressed over the years?

In the past, the application of RWE was largely focused on post-market safety monitoring. Increasingly, however–bolstered by the passage of the 21st Century Cures Act of 2016, and the publication of FDA, EMA, and NICE guidelines–RWE is being integrated throughout the product development lifecycle, to complement randomized controlled trial data, support regulatory decisions, and provide a more granular, real-world insight into disease burden and management. The COVID-19 pandemic, in general, accelerated awareness and adoption of RWE even further. And why not? Compared with RCTs, real-world studies can be conducted more quickly, using fewer resources, and with rapid data access. RWE can support patient outcomes and health economics by putting the patient at the center of research, and a wealth of valuable data can be generated in areas which are less accessible when conducting clinical studies, such as research on high-risk groups or rare diseases.

What does the future hold for real-world evidence?

In short, the future looks rosy. Market research anticipates the growth of RWE in coming years, propelled by a number of factors¹:


1. An ageing population, leading to an increasing incidence of chronic diseases

2. A shift from volume- to value-based care

3. Support from regulatory bodies for the use of RWE solutions

4. Potential of RWE to reduce costs and expedite the process for drug development

5. Increasing growth in investments on and approval of pharmaceutical and medical device R&D.

Global RWE solutions market graph
Highlights for the Vitaccess team

2022 has seen the broadening of horizons for the role of RWE in drug development, and the team at Vitaccess has not been sleeping! Our tight-knit, dedicated team has been busy designing and implementing diverse studies with partners old and new in a range of indications. This work has fed into a breadth of output, resulting in Vitaccess sharing its learnings in a series of publications and webinars:

  • 9 webinars, with our in-house experts and guests covering topics ranging from patient engagement through to the do’s and don’ts of RWE analytics
  • 18 abstracts, presented at national and international conferences
  • 3 manuscripts, published in peer-reviewed journals
  • Plus a white paper and an ISPOR short course in RWE.

Have a look at the Resources section of our website to see full publications, webinars, blogs and more!


White Paper
Patient-centric real-world evidence: benefits, uses, and the power of digital technology
Happy Holiday
More than this, we have leveraged our passion for and expertise in real-world studies to connect with an ever-growing body of biotech and pharma, clinical experts, and patient advocacy groups. As we approach the festive period and new year, we would like to sincerely thank all of the companies and individuals who have collaborated with us on and contributed to this valuable research.
We look forward to a bright 2023!
By Fatemeh Amini
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