Award-winning digital health leader, Vitaccess, is looking to the future with a bold, high-res rebrand. The striking new visual identity reflects Vitaccess’ meteoric rise as a global next-generation real-world evidence and strategy specialist.

Vitaccess, founded by Dr Mark Larkin, has grown from its scientific research roots in Oxford to a globally recognized digital healthcare research provider in just four years. Its multidisciplinary approach, combining science and digital technology, creates new, accessible and inclusive ways to bring patients and biopharma together in real time, producing nuanced data which drives vital breakthroughs in healthcare.

Dr Larkin commented that as a strategic health tech company on a steep growth curve – recently awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise, and in 2020 winning financial backing from the UK Government’s Innovate UK program – the team wanted the brand to catch up and better express that story. “Behind every byte of data is a person. Ours is a two-way street – from patients using our mobile apps to scientific researchers accessing our dashboards. COVID-19 has accelerated the uptake of digital tools and underlined the urgent need for innovation, creativity and boldness in our sector. We wanted that reflected in our branding”, he said.

Vitaccess Logo

The concept of ‘Real Progress’ is at the heart of the bold new branding. Vitaccess, true to its inclusive approach, involved teams from all areas of the business to articulate the heart of the brand. The in-house Vitaccess team, from health economists to data scientists, developers to linguists, started by defining the Company’s strategic positioning: Vitaccess is built on ‘Real’ data, with ‘Real’ people, created from ‘Real’ trust, making scientific, patient and, ultimately, human ‘Progress’, together.

Chief Operating Officer, Dr Helen Williams, said, “The new look conveys progress and innovation, while not forgetting the people who are our bedrock. The optimistic yellow and bold ‘binoculars’ graphic give the visuals character and clarity. Vitaccess stands out from the crowd, and we wanted our visuals to do the same. I’m incredibly proud of what we have  created, and how it has unified the way we talk to all our stakeholders.”

About Vitaccess

Established in 2017, Vitaccess delivers real data from real people through real trust to trigger digital, patient, and human progress, using the powerful combination of its novel Vitaccess Real™ digital platform and expert consultative insight.

Running global digital real-world evidence studies, Vitaccess can help biopharmaceutical companies measure the impact of diseases and treatments on participants’ daily lives in real time. The findings of these studies help researchers improve healthcare and make a positive impact on the lives of patients affected by these conditions.

Vitaccess has grown at pace and gained considerable recognition for the advances it is making, recently nominated as a Tech Nation Top 33 Upscale 6.0 participant as well as a recipient of Innovate UK funding. It is the winner of several science and business awards, including a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2021, a 2020 Reuters Pharma Award, and Barclays Scale-up Entrepreneur of the Year 2020.

A growing 50-strong team, the company is passionate about inclusivity and open ways of working. All seek new ways to harness the power of technology for the good of health, and to help generate insights that can change the real-world experiences of patients.

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