ConnectTVT, the platform joining the tech and digital dots in the Thames Valley, has announced the brand new Game Changers 2021 cohort. The programme brings together the Thames Valley’s breakthrough tech and digital startups and scaleups, making global impact in their industries through market-changing technologies, innovation and world-class talent.
Now in its fifth year, the Game Changers is delivered in partnership with Henley Business School, Deloitte and The Curious Lounge.

The Game Changer selection process takes into account criteria other than financial performance: indicators include impact of product or service, team and talent strategies and leadership. The companies featured declare themselves as headquartered in the Thames Valley, from Oxford to Slough, Farnborough to High Wycombe.

Pushing new boundaries with innovation

From contactless optic diagnosis, the application of ozone technology in laundry, AI drug and disease discovery platforms, alternative small craft propulsion systems, and both lightweight EV vehicles as well as a novel infrastructure solution to serve the EV market, this year’s Game Changers are pushing new boundaries in tech and digital even further.

Game Changer creator, Louize Clarke comments, “The Game Changers programme is about capturing the true story of the tech and digital ecosystem. We’ve always wanted to highlight the incredible founders and community builders at the heart of the startup scene here in the Thames Valley and we’re truly blown away by the talent and contribution this year’s cohort is making to the region’s tech leadership and place on the global technology stage. A huge thank you to our partners for helping to make this happen.”

Co-founder Matt Bovey adds, “The Game Changers is all about celebrating the region’s true innovators, the exceptional leaders and teams shaping the Thames Valley’s future. This is about the early stage companies in the region pushing to solve some of the world’s issues through technology or challenge existing market dominance. It is also our hope that we can connect these founders, share their knowledge across the peer group and lay the foundations for tomorrow’s scaling companies in the region.

Vitaccess COO, Dr Helen Williams also added: “It is fantastic to have been recognised as one of the 50 Game Changers in tech. It is testament to the work that has been going on behind the scenes and we’re thrilled to have the team’s efforts being brought to the spotlight. Each day we connect the biopharma industry in real time to patients’ real-life experiences, so that together we can generate radical insights to reach the scientific breakthroughs we all need. Our holistic, in-house modus operandi offers a next-generation digital and research service to help achieve real progress in human science and this nomination is a great boost to our already high-flying motivation.


The full Game Changers 2021 list is available here.

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