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Storytelling with data

We use data to tell a clear, detailed story about each disease and patient experience, connected to our clients’ strategic evidence-generation needs

Our Analytics team specializes in storytelling for clients’ evidence-generation strategies, using data science, biostatistics, and econometrics as our toolkit. 

We have the experience to handle all your statistical and analytical needs. 

Our expertise

The team contains a rich mix of expertise, while remaining nimble and flexible. We have backgrounds in economics and econometrics, medical statistics, computer science, biology, and data visualization.
Why? Because different diseases, therapies, and patients mean different stories. To tell these stories to support evidence-generation strategies you need a wealth of knowledge and adaptability to turn data into the best, actionable insights – every time. We achieve that.

Our services

Analytics work underpins all of our studies:

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Statistical analysis plans

Specifications for data acquisition, exchange, tabulation, and analysis

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Data specified to any standard needed, e.g., CDISC

Study dashboards and real-time data presentation

caregiver studies

Ongoing study monitoring

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Study analysis and reporting

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Data interoperability and linkage

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Quality assurance and control processes for the whole study life cycle

    We also offer independent analytics services:
      • Analysis of clinical trial, registry, or other observational data, including healthcare-resource use and costs, health-related quality of life, survival analysis, and extrapolation

      • Matching our data to existing sources, e.g., claims databases, disease registries

      • Combining our data with other study data, e.g., clinical trials, chart reviews

      • Applied econometrics and health economic analysis, to support economic models and market access strategies

      • Research using machine-learning methods

    Real data. Digital progress.

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