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Our case studies feature real-world examples of our expertise in action, across HEOR and market access, patient-centered outcomes, and analytics projects. Find out more below.

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Innovative caregiver burden study for health technology assessment

This observational longitudinal study is designed to identify and increase understanding of the impact of living with a rare autoimmune, neuromuscular disease

Measuring the burden of COVID–19

Patient-reported outcome data collected in our studies may have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. These effects could be multi-level, for example the physical impact of contracting COVID-19, the psychological effects of national restrictions, or the consequences of disruption to routine care and treatment
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Myasthenia gravis study

Vitaccess has collaborated with clinicians and patient representatives to connect a European biotechnology company with a global cohort of myasthenia gravis patients. Our client is using the data in pharmacoeconomic models and reimbursement submissions

Charcot-Marie-Tooth study

Innovative research organization, Vitaccess, has leveraged its flexible platform to connect a European biopharmaceutical company in real time to Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease patients worldwide

Melanoma study

Innovative Vitaccess Real™ platform has been harnessed in a long-term real-world observational study in melanoma, developed in collaboration with a UK-based charity and melanoma patients

Cystic Fibrosis study

Vitaccess has leveraged its innovative research platform to assist a US-based biopharmaceutical company in generating evidence on CF treatment impact in the real world.

TDT study

In collaboration with patient advocates and scientific advisors, Vitaccess has supported a US-based biotechnology company in demonstrating the real-world burden and unmet need experienced by a global cohort of patients with transfusion-dependent ß-thalassemia (TDT).
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Identifying health technology assessment evidence gaps

The client is developing a first-in-class investigational antibody therapy to treat severe autoimmune disease. Following success of the pivotal trials, regulatory submissions are in progress in the US and EU, with health technology assessment and reimbursement decisions planned to follow
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Analysis of real-world data for health technology assessment submission

This observational longitudinal study is designed to increase understanding of the impact of living with a rare autoimmune, neuromuscular disease
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