Launched in 2019, Vitaccess Localization offers bespoke and experience-based language solutions, specializing in digital healthcare technology and linguistic validation. Vitaccess draws on decades of experience in global translation programs in the life sciences industry, as well as its unique position since 2017 as provider of RWE cloud-based app platform, MyRealWorld®, for which we produce culturally adapted, localized, target-language apps internationally.


  • Linguistic validation and management of Clinical Outcomes Assessments (COAs)

  • eCOA migration and implementation

  • Cultural adaptation

  • Translatability reports

  • Life sciences document translation, including patient-facing and site or investigator materials

  • Editing and proofreading

  • Social media and marketing translations

  • Manuscript and poster writing, editing and desktop publishing


An in-house team of expert translation project managers with specialisms in translation technology, COA translations, and author and instrument liaison.

An extensive network of in-country experts, specialising in healthcare translation consultancy, linguistic validation and cognitive debriefing, and medico-legal content.

A pool of trusted ISO17100-qualified linguists covering 80 languages. Our linguists are rigorously vetted and tested for their general linguistic expertise, as well as for their life sciences-specific knowledge.

Situated within an award-winning digital healthcare tech company and delivering our own multilingual digital RWE studies via our proprietary cloud-based app platform, we are technology savvy and smart in our approaches to translation program and project management. We use cutting edge translation software for efficient processes, consistent translations, and advanced glossary and repository creation.


Specialist linguists

80 languages

We have extensive experience across therapeutic areas and on a range of platforms (paper, IVRS, web, smartphone/handheld devices).

We know about regulatory requirements and our robust processes and quality controls ensure your content is ready for the closest scrutiny.

We are not the largest life sciences translation provider, nor do we aim to be. The Vitaccess Localization mission is to provide our clients with experience-based, expert solutions and a personalized service with a dedicated account manager and linguists who are truly invested in the final product.

275,000 words

Vitaccess Localization has already translated 275,000 words while localizing our digital health apps.

Without translation, I would be limited to the borders of my own country. The translator is my most important ally. He introduces me to the world.
— Italo Calvino


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