Selcan Altug

Business Development Executive

Selcan is a Sales Development Executive at Vitaccess.
She is our in-house expert in transforming conversations with potential clients into actual projects. Selcan not only plays a vital role in broadening the reach of the company and highlighting its capabilities to new clients, but also in understanding their needs and existing challenges in order to channel our support in the most meaningful way. She is adept at forming new connections to expand our network and maximize our business development activities.
Selcan’s experience prior to joining Vitaccess spans both the chemical engineering and fast-moving consumer goods industries. In the former, she developed skills in both the technical and commercial aspects of the business, contributing to product research and development alongside sales and account management. In the latter, she built seven years’ worth of experience in commercial aspects of the personal care products manufacturing business. The diversity of her skillset is essential in communicating with clients and demonstrating the suitability of the company in meeting their needs and expectations.
Selcan holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering from the Middle East Technical University, Turkey, as well as an MBA from Ulster University, London.
She is a foodie and a lover of nature, enjoying spending time experiencing new cuisines (especially street food) and cycling through the beautiful parks of London, where she is based.
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