Sarah Macleod

Project Manager

Sarah is a Project Manager at Vitaccess.
She is responsible for leading our projects from their inception through to completion. This includes planning, execution, and management of the people, resources, scope, and budget for our projects.
Sarah’s career has spanned sales, client services, and project/program management, with the years preceding her position at Vitaccess seeing her specialize in the insurance sector. Sarah has a range of experience in managing teams, both virtually and in-person, and nationally as well as internationally. She has a track record of delivering highly complex IT projects. She is also passionate about the STEM community, and the next wave of young professionals entering our industry.
Sarah is APM certified. She holds a degree from the University of Exeter in Information Technology Management for Business – a qualification developed in collaboration with over 60 global blue-chip employers to span the challenging middle ground between business and IT.
Sarah lives just off Bodmin Moor with her husband, two children, and their Bengal, Luka, and Labrador, Paddy.


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