Octavia Borecka, PhD

Research Associate

Octavia is a Research Associate at Vitaccess. 

She is instrumental to our patient-reported outcomes and clinical outcome assessment projects, with her role spanning project management, oversight of qualitative and quantitative research, and support for our in-house medical writing team.  

Octavia brings expertise in clinical research studies from previous roles in healthcare and in a medical ventures accelerator, as well as from her doctoral research degree. She has previously supervised clinical research studies at Manchester Royal Infirmary and Salford Royal Hospital, overseeing recruitment of study participants while working alongside principal investigators, clinicians, and research nurses. She also brings experience in collecting both quantitative and qualitative health data, and is adept at developing scientific documents, including ethics committee submissions, clinical and laboratory protocols, and peer-reviewed scientific publications. 

Octavia has co-authored and managed successful national and EU research grant applications and healthcare development contracts, including Innovate UK and the Small Business Research Initiative. She has also supported new product creation in the research and development department of a major pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer, and facilitated decisions regarding a skincare biotech portfolio, through extensive reviews of the literature and competitor analysis reports. 

Octavia holds a PhD in Skin Photobiology and Public Health and a BSc in Pharmacology from the University of Manchester, as well as an MSc in Drug Discovery and Pharma Management from University College London. She also has a Professional Certificate in Project Management. 

Octavia is based in Manchester. She enjoys wine tasting, yoga, dancing, cooking, spending time with house pets (especially her cat), and travelling. 

Areas of expertise
Cross-sectional surveys
Literature reviews
Health-state utility studies
Clinical trials/studies
Medical writing
Octavia has co-authored many of our publications. The full library can be found on our publications page.
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