Malak Alsawady

MSc, Research Associate

Malak is a Research Associate at Vitaccess. 
She is instrumental in developing and implementing our patient-centric real-world studies and clinical outcome assessment projects, making key contributions to research and analysis throughout the design and development stages, as well as in the production of conference posters and manuscripts. Malak’s role additionally spans ethics submissions and content management, and she works closely with the consulting, localization, and analytics teams to ensure the successful delivery of projects to our clients. 
Prior to joining Vitaccess, Malak gained experience in conducting observational research in health psychology, first as a research assistant in the third sector and subsequently as an assistant psychologist. She developed expertise in qualitatively and quantitatively assessing the impact of psychological conditions and their treatment on wellbeing and quality of life; this in turn allows her to ensure that our studies capture and communicate information that is meaningful to patients, while meeting all additional stakeholder requirements. 
Malak has a BSc in Psychology from the University of Winchester, and an MSc in Health Psychology from the University of Bath.  
Malak is based in Hampshire. She enjoys Japanese literature, yoga, knitting, and long walks on the beach.  
Areas of expertise
Cross-sectional surveys
Literature reviews
Qualitative studies
PROMs in real-world settings
Mixed methods studies
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