Johnny Lau, PhD

Senior Data Scientist

Johnny is a Senior Data Scientist at Vitaccess.
He plays a key role in supporting our digital real-world patient registries by managing research datasets, data processing, and statistical analyses. Additionally, he oversees data quality checks and cleaning, analytics platform support, and data visualization.
Johnny’s multidisciplinary background, taking place in both academic and industry settings, has revolved around research and data analytics. Prior to joining Vitaccess, he worked as a data scientist at a vehicle telematics company, involving research and development on statistical models designed to predict vehicular accidents and battery health. His projects spanned different stages of machine learning operations, including data management, model training, and testing, as well as deployment through to production.
Johnny’s academic experience includes a post-doctoral research role at the University of Reading, investigating the neural mechanisms underlying motivation-driven decision making. His PhD research focused on mapping the brain lesions related to cognitive impairments, particularly agnosia after stroke, using brain imaging and advanced statistical modelling techniques.
Johnny completed both his doctoral degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and an MRes in Cognitive Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation at the University of Birmingham. He also holds a degree in Psychology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
When he isn’t working, Johnny lives an adventurous life of climbing, paddling, and walking.


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