Catherine Bottomley, PhD 

Head of Patient Centered Research and Chief Scientific Officer

Catherine is Head of Patient Centered Research and Chief Scientific Officer at Vitaccess.
She not only ensures that the data from our studies meet stakeholder requirements, but also that our research is conducted in the best interests of patients, and that the data we collect reflect the issues that matter most to them. Catherine is passionate about bringing patients’ voices to the center of healthcare research.
Catherine leads the design of the patient-reported data acquisition strategies for our digital real-world evidence studies, including the identification, appraisal, and selection of patient-reported outcome measures. She provides our clients with expert strategic advice on the practical implementation of PROs in healthcare research, including assessment scheduling and instrument licensing. Catherine also drives our work in instrument development, validation, and electronic conversion. Outside our digital studies, Catherine provides direction and oversight on standalone patient-centered outcomes work, including qualitative research and literature reviews.
Catherine has over a decade of experience working in PCO and RWE roles, across a variety of academic, clinical, and pharmaceutical consultancy settings. She has particular expertise in the application of PROMs in real-world studies and qualitative research methodologies.
She is experienced across a broad range of therapy areas, including dermatology, HIV, breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, and migraine. She has also been widely published in peer-reviewed journals.
Catherine is an active member of the International Society for Quality of Life Research (ISOQOL) and the Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR).
She is a pharmacist by training, and has worked in both hospital and community pharmacy settings. She has a PhD in Patient-Reported Outcome Assessment from Cardiff University.
Catherine lives in North Oxfordshire with her husband and two sons.
Areas of expertise
Qualitative studies
Health-state utility studies
PROMs in real-world settings
COA strategy
eCOA migration, usability and equivalence
Catherine has co-authored many of our publications. The full library can be found on our publications page.
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