Amber Kudlac, BASc 

Director, Analytics

Amber is Director of Analytics at Vitaccess.
She ensures timely and rigorous analysis of data from our RWE studies, coordinating with other data analysts to address critical research questions by developing, refining, and scaling data management and analytic procedures.
Amber has 13 years’ experience in project management, data analysis and research reporting, and stakeholder management. She has worked alongside pharmaceutical companies in research consultancy for four years, as well as in not-for-profit epidemiology and oncology research project management.
Amber has been involved in a wide range of pharmaceutical projects. This includes the development of treatment pattern surveys, the evaluation of real-world data, and the evaluation of progression, survival and patient-reported outcomes efficacy data from Phase II and III trials for analysis plans, internal reports, and publications. In addition, she has been involved in a range of statistical analyses supporting global value dossiers and economic models. Her ventures in the not-for-profit sector include management of patient case control and large public health cohort studies, encompassing patient engagement and recruitment, data management and analysis, and literature development for patients and scientific dissemination.
Amber has worked on a number of international projects, spanning Australia, the UK, US, and Europe.
She holds a BASc in Genetics and History from the University of Melbourne.
Mother to two delightful daughters, she likes visiting the forest and new playgrounds, seeking out antipodean-style lattes, and conducts a lot of online research to best answer her four-year-old’s “but why” questions.
Amber has co-authored many of our publications. The full library can be found on our publications page.


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