Micro-moments in RWE studies
Welcome to the 11th webinar in the Vitaccess “Keeping it real” series – this time we’ll be discussing capturing and quantifying micro-moments in patients’ daily lives.
Sally Vincent, Senior Consultant, and Dr Mark Larkin, CEO and Founder of Vitaccess, will highlight the importance of capturing, characterizing, and quantifying micro-moments in patients’ daily lives in real-world studies.
In this webinar, we will share insights and examples from a range of digital real-world evidence case studies illustrating the differing types of micro-moments that can be captured in order to limit recall bias, such as tracking disease (e.g., flares or attacks) and treatment-related episodes (e.g., rescue treatments). We will also be addressing how such granular RWE can be generated in a seamless, patient-centric way to ensure each micro-moment is accurately captured. Join us to find out more.


Mark Larkin
Sally Vincent

Mark Larkin, PhD, Founder and CEO of Vitaccess

Mark founded Vitaccess with the aims of harnessing the power of digital technology to better represent the patient voice in drug development and market access, as well as collaborating with fellow experts to provide realistic, experience-based market access and HEOR consultancy.

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Sally Vincent

Sally is a Senior Consultant at Vitaccess. She leads the design, development, and implementation of our patient-centered research projects, with a focus on both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.
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