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What is the point of real-world evidence?

Real-world evidence (RWE) is increasingly being used in the healthcare industry. But why? Join Mark Larkin, CEO, Akosua Ofori, Associate Consultant, and guest speaker Jeff Trotter, RWE expert, as they discuss:

  • What is the unique value of RWE, and why consider using it?
  • When is it appropriate to use RWE?
  • Use cases for RWE across the product life cycle, illustrated with case studies from our own experience.


Mark Larkin

Mark Larkin

Mark is Founder and CEO of Vitaccess. He founded Vitaccess with the aims of harnessing the power of digital technology to better represent the patient voice in drug development and market access, as well as collaborating with fellow experts to provide realistic, experience-based market access and health economics and outcomes research consultancy.

Photo of Akosua Ofori

Akosua Ofori

Akosua is an Associate Consultant at Vitaccess. She is a key contributor to Vitaccess’ health economics and outcomes research and market access projects. Akosua’s role involves project management, conducting qualitative and quantitative research and analysis, ethics submissions, content management, and publications development.

Jeff Trotter

Guest speaker: Jeff Trotter 

Real-world evidence pioneer. Experienced executive, entrepreneur, consultant and researcher in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. 

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