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Sujyotee Kretz
Operations Lead

Sujyotee has 11 years’ experience of managing international commercialisation and outcomes research projects across a range of indications, with particular expertise in linguistic validation and multilingual projects, first for Mapi Institute (Lyon) and subsequently ICON Plc (Oxford).
Sujyotee is bilingual French/English and holds an MSc in Scientific, Medical and Technical Translation with Translation Technology. Sujyotee is Operations Lead at Vitaccess, based in Chambourcy, France.

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Spending time with my daughters, taking them to museums and reading to them

Watching or reading a good thriller

Travelling and discovering new places. I had the best time in Mexico and I would like to explore more countries in South America when my kids are older.



Thinking about things I dislike

Tiny unidentifiable noises keeping me up at night and getting up to investigate them

Ridiculous and wasteful packaging