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Sam Llewellyn, BSc   

HEOR Consultant

Sam is based in Oxford and joined Vitaccess in 2018, after spending 3 years working as a Project Manager within the Patient Centred Outcomes group at ICON Plc; managing large, multi-country outcomes research studies for pharmaceutical companies.

He has worked across a broad range of therapeutic areas since joining the industry, including gastrointestinal, oncology, respiratory, and rare neurodegenerative; and has a particular interest in rare diseases. He holds a BSc in Psychology from Swansea University, and will begin reading an MSc in Public Health at Oxford Brookes University in September 2018.
In his spare time, Sam trains for triathlons; completing his biggest challenge to date – Ironman Barcelona – back in October 2017.

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Anything Marvel (comics, films, TV series)
Live music
Training for/competing in triathlons

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Cold weather
Nuts (but only because I'm allergic to them)