What is the My Melanoma App?

Manage your condition, contribute to research and support Melanoma UK.

The Melanoma UK app has been co-developed by Melanoma UK and Vitaccess, in collaboration with The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. It is financed by Vitaccess and we are proud to offer you a modern and easy way of managing your condition whilst helping research to improve care.

This ground-breaking study is developing a database about how melanoma impacts daily life. The information collected is important to academic researchers, such as hospitals and universities, and to pharmaceutical companies who are developing drugs and other treatments for melanoma.

Your participation will help us understand how well treatments are working, how melanoma and its treatment affect your lives, and how this might be improved.

What’s in it for me?

The Melanoma UK app provides a quick, easy and convenient way for you to manage your condition and connect with other people in the online Melanoma UK community whilst also helping us in this research. The most popular features in the app are:

  • The Symptom Tracker, which helps you monitor and log how you feel.

  • The Knowledge feature, developed in collaboration with The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and Melanoma UK’s medical advisers, is filled with information about melanoma, diagnosis and staging, statistics, causes and risk factors, and more. It is updated regularly, so do check in for new information, such as our newsletters and data nuggets.

  • The Community feature allows people to find each other, whether they live nearby or have a similar diagnosis.

  • The Medical Profile is a new feature brought on by the feedback we have received from people who have been using the app. All questions about your personal information, diagnosis and staging, treatments, hospitalizations, surgeries and lifestyle are saved in your medical profile and can now be consulted and updated at any time.

How do I participate?

The app is free to download from either the Apple App Store (for iPhone), or the Google Play Store (for Android). Windows mobile phones are not supported.


To install the app on an Android device, click on Google Play.
To install the app on an iOS device, click on the Apple App Store.

What’s in it for Melanoma UK?

By recording data in the app, you are financially supporting Melanoma UK. This project is based on profit share between Melanoma UK and Vitaccess. Academics (like universities) get free access to the anonymized data, but private sector companies (like the pharmaceutical industry) pay for access. Subscriptions from pharmaceutical company researchers have already enabled Vitaccess to donate £10,000 to Melanoma UK towards an Automated Total Body Mapping (ATBM) mole mapper for Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospital NHS Trust.

Since June 2019, the Melanoma UK app has featured a rewards scheme. For each survey you complete, Melanoma UK receives a £1 donation. By participating in our study, you’re not only helping research, you are also helping Melanoma UK provide support to melanoma patients. The funds raised will go toward our appeals. To find out each month how much the app has raised, download it and fill out your surveys. You can also follow us on social media at @MelanomaUK.

How much does it cost?

The app is free and can be downloaded on your smartphone from either the Google Play or Apple app stores. It will ask you to complete surveys. When you have completed a survey, the data are immediately sent securely to our central database, anonymized and included in the overall dataset available to researchers. You can install the app on more than one device and use the same login credentials on each device.

How does it work?

Data are collected in the real-world setting using “bring your own device” (BYOD) technology – participants use their own smartphone or tablet to complete questionnaires at their own convenience. Data are immediately submitted to a central data platform. Users of the platform can see and analyze the anonymized aggregated data in real time.

What data are being collected?

The platform collects data on quality of life, demographics and epidemiology in people living with and being treated for melanoma (all stages) in the real-world setting. Before then, such data have been collected only in the somewhat “artificial” setting of clinical trials. This study is helping us understand how people feel during what has become routine treatment, and afterwards. The first stage of the study is collecting data in the UK but we plan to extend data collection globally, starting with Australia.

Who can access the data?

The data is available free of charge to academic researchers, and through a subscription service to industry. The powerful online portal gives access to dashboards combining graphical representation of the data with appropriate statistical analysis, allowing data to be used readily in models and publications.

Why digital data collection?

The advantages of electronic data collection are well documented and include reduced administrative burden for participants and administrators, the avoidance of errors in data collection and entry, and fewer items of missing data. Participants at Melanoma UK patient consultation events were overwhelmingly in favor of electronic data collection because unlike paperwork, it cannot be lost and they can complete questionnaires when they want to.

What is co-creation?

Our digital platform was created with patients in mind. When we first launched, we canvassed future participants at a UK Melanoma Patient Conference on the functionalities that they would like to use. We host regular patient feedback sessions and workshops to listen to the patient’s voice. Based on the constructive feedback received from the users, features such as a daily pain diary, knowledge centre, medical profile and community feature have been built into the platform.

Anything we can do for patients, the resource that they have, that they can use, they can fill their symptoms in, that’s the most important thing. We fight very hard to get the patients’ voice heard and too often that doesn’t happen in any kind of disease. I just think it’s a big plus.


It is for patients, it’s as simple as that. It couldn’t be easier. It’s written in English, not in medical speak. The questions that you are asked on the app are how your lifestyle is, how you actually feel today, do you have any issues medically. They are straightforward and easy questions. Information that is sent through to the people that need to have it and which will improve patients’ lives in the future.


It does make you think about yourself because you go on and you do the surveys, whereas if you’re sort of a bit like me where you just want to completely ignore everything and tip it to the back of your mind, it does make you think about your symptoms and where you’re at, which is important.


To find out what people using the app have to say, watch this video.

Kindly view Melanoma app Terms & Conditions and Privacy Notice prior to use.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, and follow Melanoma UK on social media to stay up to date: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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