Collaborative digital longitudinal observational study in skin cancer

  Client success story

Innovative Vitaccess Real™ platform has been harnessed in a long-term real-world observational study in melanoma, developed in collaboration with a UK-based charity and melanoma patients.

  Case study by the numbers

participants recruited in 4 years

4 patient feedback sessions in 4 years

Over £5,000 raised for Melanoma UK in 27 months


  • Melanoma UK is a charity dedicated to increasing awareness of melanoma and its prevention through advocacy, education, and research

  • The charity formed a close collaboration with Vitaccess to co-develop a study collecting observational data from melanoma patients in the real world


  • Melanoma UK wished to develop a database on the impact of melanoma on daily life

  • This real-world evidence could be made available to researchers, both in hospitals and universities, as well as to pharmaceutical companies developing treatments for the condition, to further the knowledge of melanoma and improve patient care

  • The study was to be developed in collaboration with melanoma patients, to maximize uptake among the melanoma community and encourage the greatest number of patients to share their experiences

  Key deliverables

  • UK-based digital longitudinal observational study, collecting patient-reported data on the real-world impact of melanoma and its treatment over the span of four years

  • Co-creation of study app with patients to optimize usability and versatility; input from patients at launch and continued feedback sessions informed the implementation of a range of patient-centric features

  • Implementation of a rewards scheme, resulting in high participant recruitment

  • Demographic and patient-reported outcome data collected regularly and made accessible to researchers via interactive real-time dashboards

  Client benefit

  • Robust RWE gathered from patient cohort quickly, at low cost, over an extended period of time

  • Optimal patient recruitment and engagement through implementation of patient-centric study app features

  • Availability of data in near real-time for use by researchers and pharmaceutical companies, to improve understanding of, and treatments for, melanoma

  • Ability to publish research exploring important parts of melanoma patients’ experience, such as side effects of treatment. Data from this study has been presented at 11 national and international conferences.

Our melanoma dataset is available to researchers to further the knowledge of melanoma and improve patient care. The data was gathered by the Melanoma UK digital registry, an observational, non-interventional, longitudinal study, focusing on the impact of melanoma and drug treatment in the real world.  

Access allows researchers to use the interactive dashboards within the Vitaccess Real™ platform, to export the anonymized dataset and various selected cohorts. Dashboards include interactive figures and summary tables for demographics, treatment patterns, and PRO instruments that measure the health-related quality of life and symptoms of study participants.  

Non-commercial researchers are able to access this dataset for free by filling out the data request form (below). Commercial researchers can subscribe for a fee. To enquire about commercial subscriptions, please contact

Once applications have been approved, researchers can access the dataset. 

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