Invaluable insights across the product life cycle

Our patient-centric real-world evidence studies powered by the Vitaccess Real™ platform enable you to obtain deeper, faster insights into the impact of diseases and treatment in the real world.

RWE studies provide valuable data for a multitude of uses across the product life cycle, including:

  • Characterizing the impact of diseases and treatments on patients and caregivers

  • Informing portfolio decisions and product positioning

  • Delivering rich publication opportunities

  • Improving clinical trial designs

  • Supporting regulatory and health technology assessment submissions

  • Fulfilling post-marketing evidence-generation commitments

The Vitaccess approach

Full Service Offering

In-house design and implementation combining multidisciplinary expertise with our next-generation Vitaccess Real™ platform


Thousands of patient and caregiver participants already recruited across many indications


Rigorously localized studies in North America, Europe and Asia


Customizable modular platform enabling tailored study design


Gold-standard data security, GDPR and HIPAA compliant




Multi-stakeholder co-creation with patient groups and clinical experts, enabling an inclusive methodology and patient-relevant data collection

Device-agnostic data capture for mobile, tablet, PC

Ethics-approved studies

Flexible eCOA bank

Rapid omni-channel recruitment

Tailored rewards driving engagement

Wearables and device integrations

Inclusive UI/UX design

ISO 17100 translations

Bespoke dashboards enable exploration of data in real time, maximizing the benefit of digital data collection

Real data. Patient progress.


Let's work together

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