Founded in 2014 (Oxford, UK) by Dr Mark Larkin, Vitaccess is a digital health and strategic consultancy start-up.

We have launched a unique and pioneering digital platform called MyRealWorldTM for producing mobile apps for “real world evidence” research - how diseases and treatments impact patients’ everyday lives, which can be very different from the impact measured in clinical trials.

Vitaccess has a unique business model which puts patients and charities at the heart of research: we partner with patient charities to build “syndicated registries”. Subscriptions to the anonymised, aggregated data are sold to pharmaceutical companies, with free access given to academic researchers and hospitals and any profits are shared between Vitaccess and the charity.

We launched a syndicated digital melanoma registry in October 2017 in partnership with Melanoma UK with other registry requests from Patients Advocacy Organisations worldwide in the pipeline.

Historically, patients were recruited by their medical team during consultations. Now, Vitaccess has pioneered the recruitment of patients via social media such as Facebook and Twitter and a close collaboration with patients’ groups. 


Dr Mark Larkin founded Vitaccess, headquartered in Oxford, UK, in 2014, after more than 15 years in healthcare consulting and finance. Vitaccess offers digital real-world evidence research and strategic consulting advice. Mark has a BA, MA and PhD from the University of Cambridge, UK.

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Notes to Editors

Vitaccess is a digital health and strategic consultancy start-up based in Oxford, UK. Our experience in Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) and Market Access makes us a trusted partner to the pharmaceutical industry. We understand the complexities of governance – including GDPR - and these standards have been applied to the creation of our digital platform, MyRealWorld where we capture real-world evidence in real-time.

MyRealWorldTM: the patients’ voice, digitally

Our powerful real-world evidence platform quantifies patients’ experience of illnesses and treatments in everyday lives which can be very different from the impact measured in clinical trials. We are producing mobile apps for which we can adapt data collection.

HEOR and Market Access, optimised

We develop effective and pragmatic recommendations that optimize patient access and health technology assessment (HTAs). Our approach is grounded in detailed and up-to-the-minute understanding of the global P&R landscape, supported by analytic rigour and insight.


Coralie Rassinoux