Vitaccess is a family-friendly company. 
We aim to be disruptive and innovative in our digital technology and this happens only with an open mind and approach on all fronts.
As we go through life, our circumstances evolve. One day a free agent, one day telling dad jokes! One day needing care, one day giving care. We believe work is adaptable and we encourage flexible working to fit with individual lifestyles. 

Equal Opportunities
Our senior management team is balanced 50/50 and the team as a whole is 75% female. 
Europe is our playing field! Working remotely in Greece or France, we get the whole team together every three months for a bit of face-to-face teamwork and…fun.

Flexible working
Working part-time, working from home, working while studying, you name it, we have it! We let people define working arrangements that support their lifestyle. 
Our HQ is in central Oxford, a stone's throw from the bus and train station, minutes from the University, sights, and new Westgate shopping center - what’s not to like on those days you are based in the office? 

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I love working at Vitaccess because I love knowing what we do impacts patients’ lives in a positive way. And I can do that working remotely and flexibly.
— Hara Kousoulakou, Director of HEOR, Athens
I love working at Vitaccess because we get to work across a variety of disease areas on some very interesting products, putting our expertise to good use. Vitaccess also offers flexible working, from part-time working to working from home; we can do great work while keeping a healthy work-life balance.
— Catherine Åkesson – Associate Director of HEOR, Brighton
Having this freedom to define working arrangements that support our lifestyles fosters a fantastic team spirit, high morale and positivity towards work. We strongly believe you get more out of people if you give them this trust and independence.
— Helen Williams, Director of Operations, Oxford