Meet the brains behind our MyRealWorld™ digital real-world evidence platform as Vitaccess heads to the 29th MIE in Gothenburg.

The conference season is upon us and the team is getting ready to attend some of the major events in the industry.


First up is our digital guru Jon Spinage, Director of Technology, who masterminded the creation and development of our pioneering MyRealWorld app. Jon will be attending the Medical Informatics Europe conference 2018 in Gothenburg, Sweden from the 24th to the 26th April inclusive.

MIE 2018 is the 29th Medical Informatics Europe conference and marks the 40th anniversary of the MIE conference, since the first conference in Cambridge, UK. Aiming to enable close interaction and networking between an international audience of academics, health professionals, patients and industry partners, the conference will be a great opportunity for Vitaccess to showcase the MyRealWorld™ platform along with the app developed specifically for Melanoma UK.

The Melanoma UK Digital Registry app was launched last October with an aim to use our powerful real-world evidence platform to quantify patients’ experience of living with melanoma and its treatments. April saw the release of a new notification system and a Knowledge section and the feedback from patients using the app has been overwhelmingly positive. We were chuffed to hear comments such as “for patients like myself who don’t know every element, this is sooo informative, 10 out 10 guys!” about the Knowledge section, which presents clinically curated content on melanoma and treatments.

Whether you are looking to launch a new research study or simply needing to create a digital registry, we can help you develop your own dedicated BYOD platform.

If you would like to meet with Jon at the conference to see how we can tailor the MyRealWorld™ platform to meet your needs, please do get in touch.

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