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This week, our team of directors attended the ISPOR conference in Baltimore meeting with the industry and sharing the first analysis of data recorded on our @MyRealWorld™ digital platform.

With two abstracts approved within four months of launching its first syndicated patient recruitment campaign, Vitaccess was delighted to share the first findings from the Melanoma UK registry. The Melanoma Registry was developed in collaboration with the Patient Advocacy Organisation (PAO) Melanoma UK and the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. Melanoma is the fifth most common cancer in the UK, with 14,509 new cases registered across the UK in 2014.

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Today, the digital registry totals more than 300 participants and records patient demographics, treatment patterns, AEs, ECOG performance status, diet and exercise, as well as monthly PRO data.

The two posters presented at ISPOR in Baltimore grabbed the attention of the industry as they delivered the first analysis of data collected based on a sample number of patients.

  • Poster #1 – Taking the burden out of symptom reporting in patients with melanoma using a digital real-world evidence platform: analysing patients’ symptom burden, as well as the digital platform’s flexibility, ease-of-use, minimising of the burden of reporting and associated anxiety delivers fine-grained symptom data in the real-world settin

  • Poster #2 – Real-world EQ-5D-5L utility values in patients with melanoma derived using a digital ‘bring your own device’ platform: looking at granular (more than monthly) EQ-5D-5L utility values in patients with different stages of melanoma

There is little literature on real-world evidence for patients with melanoma and our digital registry has allowed us to compile patients’ demographics, monthly PROs and daily symptoms tracker. Our BYOD digital platform gives the opportunity for patients to fill out questionnaires and surveys in the comfort of their own home.

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