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It’s an exciting week here at Vitaccess as we launch the new Community feature of our MyRealWorld™ app in collaboration with Melanoma UK.

The Melanoma UK app has been improving at a steady pace and gaining momentum as the number of registered participants now totals more than 300.

After launching the Notifications and the Knowledge features in April, participants in the Melanoma UK digital registry now have the possibility to connect with patients based on their location or their diagnosis (stage of the disease). Our patient feedback sessions and meeting with patients during filming have made it clear that sharing what you’re going through with someone who has been there or is in the same boat at the moment can be a huge help. Whether it’s to talk about melanoma itself and your treatments, or to share tips about managing symptoms, there is a demand from patients to get in touch with each other and eventually meet up to share their experience.

The Community feature of the Melanoma UK digital registry is here to help you strike up conversation. Once you’re in touch, you can share contact details if you want to and keep your conversation going outside of the digital platform itself, exchanging via e-mail or meeting up for coffee if you wish to.

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When we last updated the Melanoma UK app, we added a knowledge section that included general information as well as staging, diagnosis and treatment and preventing recurrence. This month, we are updating the list of clinical trials that are currently recruiting. Our partners at the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust have listed these and added their recommendations. If you think you could be interested in participating in a clinical trial, you can head to the knowledge section to find out more.

When visiting Melanoma UK Digital Registry on your smartphone or tablet today, have a look around to see if you’re up-to-date with your questionnaires. Remember that even if the information hasn’t changed, it is useful to keep on recording it so it shows that things are stable in some areas, like maybe diagnosis and staging, or in the About you or Treatments section.

To download the new version of the app, just make sure the auto update setting on your mobile phone is activated, or update manually in the app store. Please note, if you don’t update and reset your password, you won’t be able to use the version you have for much longer as it will expire.

To update on your iPhone, please click here

To update on Android, please click here

We hope you will find the new Community feature useful as well as the new content in the Knowledge section. Let us know what you think either on Facebook or Twitter by following us or via e-mail. We will keep developing our MyRealWorld™ digital platform with the patients, for the patients.

To find out more about the Melanoma UK digital registry, please visit:

To download or update the app, please click here for an Android device, and here for an iOS device

For information about subscribing to the Melanoma UK Digital Registry, please contact

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Coralie Rassinoux