Our innovative multi-client syndicated registries support case-by-case real-world evidence generation needs while improving study flexibility and speed for all stakeholders through harmonized governance, design, and data collection.

Develop research initiatives using an existing registry dataset

Act as a pre-launch registry Founder and influence decision-making on study design and development


Subscribe for access to an existing dataset

  • Custom research options can bridge to customer evidence plans ​
  • Ability to use a consent-to-contact about future research opt-in registry cohort to accelerate recruitment into clinical trial​s
  • Customized safety reporting for marketed products
  • Opportunity for registry expansion (e.g., geography, paediatric, etc.)
  • Subscribers enjoy cost savings via shared funding approach, comparing favorably to costly independent registries that will compete for stakeholders​
  • Comprehensive and real-world evidence solution to support multiple stakeholders (Medical Affairs, HEOR, Market Access and Commercial, Safety and Regulatory)​
  • Our experience shows that PAGs and KOLs prefer collaborative, even-handed modus operandi with pharmas​
  • Vitaccess and PAG+KOL synergies leverage a wealth of experience in running registries and uniting the research, patient, and HCP communities
  • Linkage of patient- and HCP-reported data with clinical data from medical records.
  • Repeated data collection and testing and collection of overlapping information can be invaluable for continuous learning, evidence sharing, and ultimate acceleration of research and therapy development
  • Dashboards enable near real-time visualization of aggregated anonymous data for patients, HCPs, and pharma
  • Having a network of clinical centers to serve as study sites for multiple studies is more efficient for researchers, sites, and patients
  • Transitioning from pre- to post-approval subscription maximizes recruitment of patients at initiation once subscriber treatment achieves market access
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Explore a range of pre- and post-authorization use cases to meet your evidence generation needs

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