Location: home based
Hours: flexible
Languages involved: We want to hear from you, whatever your language pair(s). We are global. 

Vitaccess delivers cloud-based real world evidence solutions to pharmaceutical and biotech clients around the globe. Our localisation and translation services come into play throughout our app creation and delivery process. Working with clients, patient associations, clinicians and instrument authors, we ensure our MyRealWorld apps are thoroughly and appropriately adapted for different cultures and countries. Our team works with Clinical Outcomes Assessments developers on appropriate licensing and adaptation of instruments and patient diaries from paper to electronic mode of implementation. We also ensure that the non-eCOA content within the app has undergone an appropriate translation, cultural adaptation and localisation process. This content - created in-house - falls into several categories, from the more serious content such as medical/legal, to more lighthearted content such as buddy and games features.


You must meet at least one of the following criteria:
a) A recognised graduate qualification in translation from an institute of higher education; 
b) A recognised graduate qualification in any other field from an institution of higher education plus two years of full-time professional experience in translating;
c) five years' full-time professional experience in translating

What you’ll do

  • Work to ISO17100:2015 standard

  • Work on projects for our state-of-the-art digital real world evidence (RWE) platform business

  • Work on specific tasks with autonomy and proactivity, meeting deadlines, delivering to an excellent standard and contributing to teams of various sizes.

  • Produce error-free, linguistically validated content for our MyRealWorld apps

  • Work on translation memory software

  • Work on linguistic validation, international harmonization, editing, translation, adaptation/transcreation, back translation reviews, screenshot reviews, DTP, QA testing.

  • Translate interactive social media content, such as film content/subtitles, marketing and promotional content for MyRealWorld

Sorry it’s a no unless you have:

  • Translation competence: the ability to render the target language content in accordance with Vitaccess agreement and other project specifications.

  • Linguistic and textual competence in the source language and the target language

  • Competence in research, information acquisition and processing

  • Cultural competence: ability to make use of information on the behavioral standards, up-to-date terminology, value systems, and locale that characterize both source and target language cultures.

  • Technical competence: able to employ the tools and IT systems/ translation software that support the whole translation process.

  • Experience in translation memory software

Bonus points for:
•    Legal, medical, IT, or life sciences translation expertise

If this sounds like you, excellent!