data access


Non-commercial researchers

  • Anonymized, aggregated data from the digital registries is available via cloud-based research dashboards.

  • Data access is available upon request to non-commercial researchers, contingent upon approval from the study's Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).

  • Non-commercial researchers can apply for data access via pages at the Vitaccess website for the Melanoma UK digital registry and the CMT&Me study.

  • Information includes:

    • an overview of the study and its objectives

    • details about study oversight, including a list of SAB members

    • Data request form (see below or link directly)

  • For data requests that require work from our data scientists (e.g., developing a protocol, statistical analysis plan, data extraction), Vitaccess will liaise with the applicant researchers to develop a proposal.

    • We will collaborate with applicant researchers to develop the protocol and statistical analysis plan through an iterative process. The aim of that process is to reach an agreement on the methods and final report shell tables and figures.


  • Access to off-the-shelf dashboards will be free, except for a small administrative fee to cover set up (user account, password etc.).

  • For requests that require work from our data scientists (e.g., developing a protocol or statistical analysis plan or extracting data), Vitaccess will provide the applicant researchers with the estimated costs and time required; academic grants normally cover such costs.

Commercial researchers

  • Melanoma: commercial researchers can receive access to the data based on an annual subscription fee. To inquire about commercial subscriptions, please contact

  • CMT&Me: access for commercial researchers may be available, contingent upon approval by the sponsor. To inquire, please contact


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, and follow us on social media to stay up to date: LinkedIn, Vitaccess Twitter, MyRealWorld™ Twitter and Facebook.