Consultancy advice to support digital real-world evidence collection strategy


  • To assess the business and investment case for the development of a data proposition to support home healthcare for a clinical provider of out-of-hospital healthcare. This included key elements that could form the basis of a data generation programme, in particular:

    • The data that can be collected

    • The possible value of the dataset, both internally and externally to key stakeholders

    • Likely clients and partners/ collaborations

    • How the data collection could be best achieved, including guidance on requirements for implementation

    • Identification of likely barriers (e.g. IT, information governance - including GDPR, pharmacovigilance).


The business case for the data proposition was assessed based on the data potential, data value, and data constraints.
In particular:
• Secondary research including a targeted literature review on economic and patient centered outcomes (PCOs) to quantify PRO/ PCO data domains
• Interviews with internal senior management and key external stakeholders (pharma, NHS Commissioners, NICE, patient groups). All interviews were based on pre-developed discussion guides.


The Vitaccess team had to map internal current processes and understand the value of both the historic dataset and a prospective RWE dataset based on a potential digital transformation. Understanding the complex pressures and motivations both internally and externally was essential.


Vitaccess provided the required range of expertise: HEOR and market access, extensive knowledge of RWE research, information governance, ethics and digital health, to help understand the level of unmet need and thus the value of the data proposition.

The Vitaccess state-of-the-art digital RWE platform, using bring-your-own-device technology, provided a feasible solution on how to create a valuable RWE database.

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Value message development and GVDs

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primary research

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long term strategic heor partnership