On July 20, we hosted the latest webinar in our “Keeping it real” series – the first in partnership with Envision Pharma Group since we joined forces earlier this year.

Dr Dawn Lobban, Global Lead, Patient Partnerships at Envision the Patient (part of the Envision Pharma Group), and Dr Catherine Bottomley, Chief Scientific Officer at Vitaccess, discussed patient engagement in the publication of real-world evidence.

During the webinar, they explored the role of patients in the design, delivery, and communication of real-world studies. 

In particular, they focused on the value of the patient voice in publications of real-world evidence. They discussed opportunities for patient co-authorship of peer-reviewed journal publications and extenders to optimize the reach and understanding of real-world data.

Watch this 40-minute webinar, including a 30-minute presentation followed by Q&A session.

Vitaccess is an innovator in digital research and an established partner in real-world studies. Our holistic approach and in-house Vitaccess Real™ platform mean our real-world studies come in one full package that not only includes data collection from PROs, but also analytics and localization.

Envision the Patient is a team dedicated to optimizing patient engagement across the product lifecycle. With expertise in working with patients to inform medical strategy and co-create medical and healthcare communications, they are a trusted partner to global medical affairs teams.

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