On August 24, we hosted the latest webinar in our “Keeping it real” series.

Steven Haken, Founder and CEO of Odelle Technology, Claire Edwards, Consultant at Odelle Technology, and Dr Mark Larkin, Founder and CEO of Vitaccess, discussed using prospectively generated patient-centric real-world data to support access for medical devices.

During the webinar, they explored how patient-reported real-world data can help demonstrate the value proposition of your device or product.

Watch this 45-minute webinar, including a 35-minute presentation followed by Q&A session.

Vitaccess is an innovator in digital research and an established partner in real-world studies. Our holistic approach and in-house Vitaccess Real™ platform mean our real-world studies come in one full package that not only includes data collection from PROs, but also analytics and localization.

Odelle Technology is an established consultancy dedicated to helping medtech, biotech, and diagnostics businesses navigate the public and private healthcare sectors across Europe to secure the adoption and reimbursement of their technology. Their track record includes 112 successfully submitted health technology assessments as well as successful adoption of 66 national guidelines in the last 15 years.

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