On May 10, we hosted the 7th webinar in the “Keeping it real” series.

Dr Catherine Bottomley, Chief Scientific Officer, and Sam Llewellyn, Senior Consultant, discussed diagnosis validation in patient-centered research – specifically, alternatives to clinician-led eligibility confirmation for decentralized studies.

A core part in recruiting for patient- and caregiver-reported studies is verifying eligibility of the prospective participant, referred to as diagnosis “validation”.

This usually includes confirmation that the patient has a diagnosis of the disease of interest, but can also involve the validation of other participant inclusion criteria.

Vitaccess is an innovator in digital research and an established partner in patient-centered research. In this webinar, we discussed how self- rather than clinician-led validation of diagnosis can be a necessary component of patient and caregiver research, and explored how this can be undertaken reliably when recruitment is not site-based.

Watch this 35-minute webinar, which includes a 15-minute presentation followed by a Q&A session.

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