Missed our webinar about real-world evidence in rare disease?

Watch it here!


On the 10th June 2021, Vitaccess hosted the first webinar of its brand new series named “Keeping it real”.

For this first edition, Vitaccess’ Founder and CEO Dr Mark Larkin and Senior Consultant Sam Llewellyn talked about real-world evidence in rare disease.

Vitaccess is an established partner in real-world evidence in the field of rare diseases, with several studies conducted globally. We used our international CMT&Me study, which measures the impact of Charcot-Marie-Tooth diseases on patients’ daily lives, as a case study. Sponsored by Pharnext, and co-created with patient advocacy groups from each country in which the study is being conducted, the CMT&Me study has unveiled the patients’ reality of living with CMT.


Joining us to share what the study has meant for them were Pharnext’s Chief Commercial Officer Xavier Paoli and Italian patient advocacy group ACMT-Rete’s Head of Scientific and Foreign Relations Filippo Genovese.


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