Vitaccess is a multi award-winning digital-health and strategic consultancy, founded in 2014. Though based in Oxford, UK, our reach is truly global. We offer a world-class real-world evidence (RWE) data portfolio and data science research via MyRealWorld™, our state-of-the-art digital platform, and experience-based Market Access and Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) solutions.

Our heritage in HEOR and Market Access makes us a trusted partner to the pharmaceutical industry. We understand the importance of scientific rigor in RWE studies, as well as the complexities of information governance - including GDPR and HIPAA. Industry standards have been applied to the creation of our pioneering and flexible digital platform, MyRealWorld™, through which we capture RWE in real-time, to be transmitted in aggregated, anonymized form to customizable and interactive research dashboards.


MyRealWorld(TM), the patient’s voice, digitally

Our powerful RWE platform quantifies patients’ experiences of illnesses and treatments in everyday work-, social- and home-life, which can be very different from the impact measured in clinical trials.

We can produce smartphone (iOS/Android) apps tailored to any indication, country or language, for use on any device, and we can customize data collection to individual study requirements.


HEOR and Market Access, optimised

We develop effective and pragmatic recommendations that optimize patient access and maximize success at health technology assessment (HTA). Our approach is grounded in detailed and up-to-the-minute understanding of the global pricing and reimbursement landscape, supported by analytic rigor and insight.